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We are a local independent family owned funeral directors. We are caring, compassionate and professional. We offer a fixed price service so you know how much it is going to cost even before you have sat down with a funeral director. You may be thinking how can we offer a funeral service for such a low price. The answer is we put people before profit. The funeral industry for too many years has taken advantage of people in their time of need and we believe this should not be the norm.

Call your local office so we can answer any questions you may have. Contact us

We perform a unique and indispensable role in society. It is a role part professional, part vocation and part trade. Our funeral directors are always available in time of need. We provide emotional support, expert and practical advice.


We pride ourselves in offering the highest, most efficient standard of service in the area at an affordable fixed price.

Expert advice

The experience of the funeral directors sympathetic ear is all the more valuable because we are dealing with the practicalities of the funeral. Our funeral directors will listen to you, the bereaved, as you decide what sort of funeral you want.

Experience and expertise

Our experience and expertise extends beyond that required on a day to day basis. We are sympathetic towards different ethnic and religious groups. Our funeral directors are aware of the special needs involved in supporting those who have suffered a sudden death and we are here to help you.




Debbie (Left)

Debbie is our funeral director in Preston.

A truly passionate caring lady, Who is always available for a chat if you want to come in and say hello.


Ashley (Middle)

Ashley is our funeral director in Blackpool.

Ashley is Debbie's son and the founder of Northern Cremations. He is understanding and will help you to plan and arrange the perfect funeral.

Charlotte (Right)

Charlotte is Our funeral director in Cleveleys.

Charlotte is Debbie's Daughter in Law and Ashley's Wife, Charlotte is always available to help you when needed.

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