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Funeral Extras



Family Limousines

We offer a Family and Friend Limousine Service. The Limousines compliment the traditional hearse and can carry 6 people plus 1 in the passenger seat with the Chauffer.

Covering the Whole of the North West Area

Horse Drawn Hearses

Our hearses are drawn by matching pairs of elegant, well schooled and reliable horses.

We offer black or white horses in pairs or teams of four. The horses are immaculately turned out in English patent leather harnesses with traditional full collars.

Our coachmen are professional carriage drivers with specialist experience in funerals. Our coachmen and grooms wear traditional Victorian livery.

We provide black, white, pink or purple ostrich feather plumes with complementing drapes.


You have a choice of white, black or silver hearses. Additionally, a mourner's carriage along with two liveried outriders can be added to the cortege









Hearse and 4 Horses £1770
Hearse and 2 Horses £1000
Mourners Carraige 
and 2 Horses £950
Outriders £450
If you have any questions please give us a call
Dove Release

Spirit Dove: A single white dove is released at the funeral by a relative or friend, either by hand or from a small heart basket.

Symbolic of the loved ones spirit the white dove will fly off up into the sky on its spiritual journey home. --£85


Reunited Dove Release :  When a loved one is being reunited with their beloved Partner two white doves will be released by hand or decorated heart basket to symbolize the reunion of being reunited together again for eternity- --£105


Trinity Release : - Three white doves are released from a decorated heart baskets. This represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.---  £135


Angel escort home : A flock of white doves are released at the graveside by family members from lovely decorated heart baskets and a single spirit dove can be released by hand .   -- £185

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